Farmcubes Quadro 1 is officially available.

Today we are proud to announce that Quadro 1 is officially available. A new variant of the Netherlands' first nitrogen refining solution that is more compact, more economical and even more affordable. Up to 50% cheaper than the competition and already suitable for dairy farms from 100 to 200 cows.

Quadro 1 is more than a more affordable version of our proven Quadro nitrogen stripper: It was born out of our vision to make reducing nitrogen emissions profitable for every dairy farm. By smartly selecting components and materials and manufacturing and applying them more efficiently, we were able to make Quadro 1 more compact and economical in addition to being more affordable.

Quadro 1's efficient consumption also enables us to look at new ways to make our most affordable nitrogen stripper also our most sustainable stripper. Quadro 1 is 100% electric and can optionally be equipped with a heat pump and/or solar panels, ensuring that the refining process is 100% CO2 neutral. Because we know that not every company has space available indoors, we also supply Quadro 1 with optional full insulation for outdoor installation, and here the roof is factory-ready for the optional available solar panels.

We opened the application option for Quadro 1 at the beginning of October and we are very pleased to see that many dairy farms are taking the step to make their operations more sustainable and to reduce their nitrogen emissions. Of course it remains possible to show your interest via Our representative will then contact you as soon as possible to tell you all about the benefits. Of course, our team is also available to speak to you on the phone and via e-mail.

View the Quadro 1 datasheet (NL)


Find all about Quadro 1 beginning 2022 on

Behind the scenes we are working hard to bring www.farmcubes.euonline: The new online home of Farmcubes. Here you will be able to read all about our lineup of nitrogen strippers and reverse osmosis plants next year. We expect to have the website online in the first quarter of 2022. So keep an eye on our socials!

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