Quadro Nitrogen Recovery

Manure is the largest source of nitrogen on the farm. This occurs in the form of ammonium or organically bound nitrogen. In addition, manure consists of 90% water. Circular Values was the first in the Netherlands to recognize the circular value of this and developed the Farmcubes Quadro Nitrogen Recovery so that only the excess components are disposed of in concentrated form. The nitrogen is recovered in a liquid inorganic fertilizer such as ammonium sulfate or ammonium nitrate. This results in a high-quality fertilizer substitute that actually makes money. Ammonium sulfate is an important fertilizer for the plant that contains both nitrogen and sulfur. With the production of liquid ammonium sulfate on one's own land, manure disposal costs actually become profitable and there is no need to purchase fertilizer. This provides economic benefits for land-based dairy farming and reduces ammonia emissions.

Refining nitrogen from manure is also called nitrogen stripping or nitrogen cracking, hence this plant is also called nitrogen stripper or nitrogen cracker. With the Farmcubes Quadro Nitrogen Refining, it is possible to extract up to 85% of the ammonium nitrogen in manure or digestate. The Farmcubes Quadro is the first of its kind and it is now in use on several farms. In the nitrogen stripper, ammonium nitrogen, present in the thin fraction, is converted into gaseous nitrogen (ammonia). Ammonia is normally formed in the barn, where it can escape as an emission stream, but in this system it is formed in a controlled way and emission is actually prevented. The ammonia passes through columns and is washed to produce ammonium sulfate. The nitrogen refinery can operate with heat and/or with pH increasing agents. The fully automated system ensures efficient use of the plant with limited labor. Efficiency can be adjusted by means of settings. The Farmcubes Nitrogen Stripper is the first of its kind in the Netherlands and has been used for many years on various agricultural farms. It is still the solution for land-bound livestock farming with a nitrogen surplus.

At Circular Values, we understand that every dairy farm is unique, which is why we can offer Quadro with different options to suit your situation. For example, we have several options to power your Quadro. For example, if you have an existing biogas plant, Quadro can be made suitable for it.

Finally, the nitrogen refiner comes as a stationary and mobile refiner. The mobile version makes it ideal for contractors who can use it to serve the land-based livestock industry where the purchase of a stationary nitrogen stripper is not cost-effective.

Farmcubes Quadro is currently available in
the following versions:

  • Quadro 1 with a capacity up to 1 m³/h   available soon
  • Quadro 2 with a capacity of up to 2 m³/h (Datasheet NL / EN / DE)
  • Quadro 4 with a capacity of up to 4 m³/h
  • Quadro 6 with a capacity of up to 6 m³/h


  • Production of fertilizer substitute
  • Reduction in disposal costs of manure
  • Less logistics
  • Circular solution
  • Closing loops
  • Reduction of ammonia emission



  • Both cold and hot stripping (10-70 °C)
  • Remote control/monitoring
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Efficiency is adjustable
  • Lease mogelijkheden
  • VAMIL/MIA applicable



  • Execute to desired capacity
  • Stationary or mobile unit
  • Efficiency up to 85% ammonium removal
  • Suitable from particles <1mm in thin fraction
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