Circular Values BV

Circular Values BV is located in Tilburg, the Netherlands. It is a young, innovative and dynamic company that delivers turn-key installations and offers process support. It is a relatively small company with driven entrepreneurs with a history in agriculture and its periphery.  

Circular Values is your partner in upgrading agricultural residues. We provide concepts to refine organic residual streams to extract useful nutrients and/or fibers. Whether it is nitrogen, phosphate or other components.

Circular Values has developed several concepts to extract specific components from a product stream, both on a centralized and decentralized level, so that this product can be much better integrated into the surrounding environment. The separated 'pure' component is of high quality and better fit into other cycles that can thus be closed. For the decentralized approach on the farm, Circular Values offers mostly solutions in modular systems so that it fits any type of farm and business operation. In this way, livestock farming can also contribute greatly to the circular and biobased economy, making it more sustainable both financially and environmentally.

The Circular Values team has several years of experience in processing various organic waste streams and developing techniques, processes and solutions for these specific waste streams. For several product streams Circular Values already has a concept with proven technology and otherwise it will be developed if the need is there. Whether you are a producer of an organic waste stream or you are in need of a biobased product, Circular Values can help you. Ask for the possibilities for your company!

Besides the delivery, installation and commissioning of an application, we like to offer support in operations, process service and technical service on site. Through remote control and online monitoring we can follow and monitor the processes remotely on a daily basis.