Quadro 2 Nitrogen Stripper | Mts Kuiper-Herrema - Easterein

For the company Mts Kuiper-Herrema, Circular Values has built, delivered and installed a custom made Farmcubes Quadro 2. This Quadro 2 has a capacity of 2 m³ per hour and with the residual heat from the gas engines the digestate is heated. Here we extract the mineral nitrogen from the digestate and turn it into high-quality inorganic fertilizer. About 16,000 kg of nitrogen is converted into high quality (artificial) fertilizer per year. The installation is located in a shed. However for the system this is not necessary as it is built in an insulated unit. The stripper is also equipped with an extra inlet and outlet for air that is extracted from the room and hydrolysis tank. The exhaust is led to and biological scrubber/biobed.

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